V Beam Folds Welded Mesh Fence

V Beam Folds Welded Mesh Fence

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V beam Mesh Fence is also called  3D Fence, curved fence, because there are longitudinal folds/bending, which makes the fence stronger. Fence panel is welded by high quality low carbon steel wire. Its common surface treatment are hot dipped galvanized or electrostatic polyester powder spray coating over galvanized wire.Common post of the welded fence are SHS tube, RHS tube, Peach post, Round pipe or Special-shaped post. Fence panel will be fixed to the post by suitable clips according to different post type.Due to its simple structure, see-through panel, easy installation, nice appearance, the Welded Mesh Fence are more and more popular.

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V Beam Welded Mesh Fence Specification

It is also called "Curved Welded Mesh Fence", "Bending Welded Mesh Fence", "3D Triangle  Welded Wire Mesh Fence".Fence Panel with curves can make more stable ans sronger.Common color: green RAL6005, black RAL9005, white RAL9010PVC/PE coated surfacetreatment will with variety colors, it will make Welded Wire Mesh fence looks beautifull and anti-rust.


1.Panel sizes:

Wire Diameter Mesh Size Length Height Fold No.


50x200mm55x200mm50x100mm75x150mm 2000mm2200mm2500mm3000mm 1030mm 2
1230mm 2
1530mm 3
1830mm 3
2030mm 4
2230mm 4
2430mm 4
2.Fence post
1)Specification of Rectangle Post
size 40*60mm,40*40mm,50*50mm,60*60mm
thickness 1.2mm,,1.5mm,2.0mm
height 1.8m,2.1m,2.3m,2.5m or as your request
Surface Treatment Hot-dipped/Galvanized then PVC painted
clips Plastic clip, metal clip
2)Specification of  Round Post
diameter 38mm,40mm,42mm,48mm
thickness 1.2mm,,1.5mm,2.0mm
height 1.8m,2.1m,2.3m,2.5m or as your request
Surface Treatment Hot-dipped/ Electric Galvanized then PVC painted
3)Specification of Peach Post
size 50*70mm,70*100mm
thickness 1.5mm,2.0mm
height 1.8m,2.1m,2.3m,2.5m or a as your request
Surface Treatment Galvanized then PVC painted ,hot-dipped

3. Surface treatment after welded:
1>Powder spray coated (thickness 0.1mm)
2>PVC/PE dipped coating (thickness 0.8-1.2mm)
3>electro galvanized (zinc thickness : 20-60g/m2)
4>Hot dipped galvanized (zinc thickness : 280-500g/m2)

V Beam Welded Mesh Fence Advantage

1.Cost Effective
The welded mesh panels provide competitive price levels whilst retaining high quality, rigidity and performance.
2. Long Life
Galvanized and PVC coated of corrosion resistance for long life and low maintenance and attractive appearance.
3. High Strength
The panels are welded from strong steel wire, with rectangular mesh and horizontal reinforcements that give the panels a high strength.
4. Rapid Installation
All components attractive fence with the other components which achieves professional and high quality fencing, installed with maximum effectiveness.

V Beam Welded Mesh Fence Application

1.Security for construction sites and private property
2.Security for residential housing sites and schools
3.For major public events, sports ,concerts, festivals, gatherings
4.Mainly used as isolation fences or safety fences for roads, railway.
5.For traffic control and crowd control
6.In Parks, Zoos and nature reserves

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    Main applications

    The products usage scenarios are shown below

    barricade for crowd control and pedestrians

    stainless steel mesh for window screen

    welded mesh for gabion box

    mesh fence

    steel grating for stairs