Wire Mesh

Wire Mesh

  • Most Durable Aluminium Window Screen

    Most Durable Aluminium Window Screen

    Aluminum window screen is made of Al-Mg alloy wire in plain weaving. Screens made from aluminum mesh  is one of the sturdiest and most durable screens available. They have a long lifespan and will protect you from different weather conditions, including rain, strong winds, and even hail in some cases. Aluminum mesh screens are resistant to abrasion, corrosion, and rust, making them a great screen choice for nearly any environment. Aluminum wire window screens also will not sag or rust, extending its life even further. If you choose charcoal or black aluminum screens, the finish will absorb light and reduce glare, improving outward visibility.

  • UV Stabilized Plastic Insect Screen

    UV Stabilized Plastic Insect Screen

    Plastic insect screen is made of polyethylene, which is UV stabilized. The plastic insect screen is much cheaper than aluminum or fiberglass insect screen. It is widely used in the windows or doors of the buildings, residences to prevent the mosquitoes, flies and other insects from entering the house. The plastic insect screen can be divided into interweave insect screen and plain weave insect screen. It includes Plain weave plastic insect screen and Interweave.

  • Crimped Wire Mesh For Industry

    Crimped Wire Mesh For Industry

    Crimped wire mesh is worldwide used for their quality, performance and durability. Crimped wire mesh is made in a variety of material that includes low and high carbon steel, galvanized steel, spring steel, mild steel, stainless steel, copper, brass and other non ferrous metals, through crimping mesh machine, a kind of universal wire product with accurate & consistent Square & Rectangular openings.Our product mesh ranges between 3mm to 100mm and wire diameter ranges between 1mm to 12mm.

  • Stainless Steel Woven Wire Mesh Netting CLoth

    Stainless Steel Woven Wire Mesh Netting CLoth

    Known for its corrosion resistance and strength, Stainless steel welded wire mesh is a very popular and versatile item that many different customers use for many different applications, such as air vents, custom car grills, and filtration systems.

  • Galvanized Square Wire Mesh for Screening

    Galvanized Square Wire Mesh for Screening

    Galvanized wire mesh called galvanized square wire mesh, GI wire mesh, galvanized window screen mesh. The mesh is plain weaving. And our galvanized square hole wire mesh is very popular in the world. We can supply color galvanized wire mesh, like blue, silver and golden, and painted  colored galvanized square wire mesh, blue and green are the most popular color.

  • Factory Supply Brass And Copper Wire Mesh

    Factory Supply Brass And Copper Wire Mesh

    These meshes can resistant to corrosion, wear, rust, acid or alkali, also can conduct electricity and heat, have good ductility and tensile strength. They can be used as decorative mesh for lamp and cabinet, plumbing screen, filter discs, fireplace screen, window and porch screen. They also can filter electron beam and electronic display screen, can be used for RFI shielding, Faraday cage.

Main applications

The products usage scenarios are shown below

barricade for crowd control and pedestrians

stainless steel mesh for window screen

welded mesh for gabion box

mesh fence

steel grating for stairs